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There is an overwhelming amount of information regarding health available for consumption today. This can be both a blessing and a curse. Unfortunately, knowing a lot doesn’t always translate into optimal health especially if you are certain about nothing.  At times, it can even lead to worsening health due to isolation, fear and limiting your experiences and pleasures. 

In the age of information overload, my goal is to simplify healing and provide life-giving information to help you determine what is right for you and your health. I believe that your health should be in your control not in anything external. I also know what it takes to overcome disease and the ups and downs you may experience along the way. It is my goal to partner with you during your unique journey to health and give you the information and motivation you need to remember your power and never give up on what you know is available for you. This power, I believe, is not in a capsule or pill or even in the hands of a doctor or practitioner. It is available to you now if you know how to access it. This is why true health is a whole person matter and requires complete engagement, dedication and grit.

I want this to be your last first visit and a countdown to your last visit ever. I’m ready to start your transformation story. 

Dr. Cassie Huckaby

Is Grit Your Medicine?

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  • Dr. Cassie Huckaby

    Dr. Cassie Huckaby is originally from West Texas but currently resides in Southern California. She received her undergraduate degree at Texas Tech University and attended Bastyr University California to complete her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine.

    Her health and life was forever changed by being diagnosed with multiple “incurable diseases” and diving into the worlds of both allopathic and natural medicine to find True medicine. She has been completely consumed with a passion and respect for what she calls 'the most beautiful, honest, life-giving medicine she has ever found.' 
    Dr. Huckaby's purpose is to provide medicine that Truly heals and education that demystifies healing. She wants to show you the power of you and how your life is your medicine.

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  • Grit Natural Medicine

    Grit Natural Medicine was created for intelligent, driven people who no longer fit into the old medical model. It is for modern people who resonate with a natural, holistic approach to medicine and are demanding a better way to live and heal. 

    Grit is for people who are willing to let go of outdated, misinformed limitations of what they are capable of and ready to take control of their life to achieve their loftiest health goals. 

    Our purpose is to restore health and to ultimately eliminate the need for appointments that continue for a lifespan. We want our patients to learn how to be independent and fully able to navigate life in the healthiest way possible.