Where to Start

Don't know where to start but know you are ready to change?

If you don't know where to start - listen to all Dr. Cassie's FREE podcasts / interviews/ videos AND read all of the content she puts out on her Instagram page. Every word spoken and written comes directly from her. Many have changed their LIVES from these alone.

If you've already done that and want more, THEN take a masterclass

The masterclasses give you the best example of how Dr. Cassie does medicine with the practical components i.e. "following the rules." We highly recommend taking them BEFORE doing a visit no matter what so you know how to “follow the rules” or break them intelligently. You would need to be doing them anyways - AND it will save time in your visit if you are already incorporating them. If you implement what you learn in the classes and it changes what you were experiencing physically, that’s the point and you don’t need any of the full visits unless you just want more of this way of living or have more left to unwind mentally, physically, neurologically, emotionally, etc.

No matter what, these Truths covered in the Light and Nutrition Masterclasses should be implemented indefinitely WHILE LIVING. Everyone has to have these things as basic foundations. 

The results accumulate and speak for themselves as they should.

After taking these you will see that you don’t need to spend your time thinking about “how to heal” because you see how it just happens when you “follow the rules” and live True to yourself. The energy and attention you gave to “healing” you can now give to what actually needs your attention in life - the being True part, the getting to really know you part, the relationships and relating parts, the hard parts, the fun parts and all the in between parts. 

Watch the above video. Use the masterclasses as the practical component of your healing. They should be the foundation. You should implement them and STOP thinking about your food, digestion, light, sleep, etc. All your thinking should be used to deal with your mind, emotions, relationships, and your moment to moment reality. Make it simple to succeed.  

Masterclass Recordings

These aren't your typical courses/classes. There is no wasted time "getting to know Dr. Cassie" or setting up the next sale. She gets straight to the point and every word is highly intentional and impactful. The goal is a transformation NOT mindless consumption or information. IF you need to get to know her and her way of presenting - we recommend using her free resources. These classes are no BS, dense and packed full of information you won't get anywhere else. When you're ready to change, you're ready for these!

Illusions in Medicine (1 hour) 

If you are unsure where to start this is the best place. This video is a recording of Illusions in Medicine which covers Truths shared with the intention to set you free from utilizing our services or ever needing to be a patient or client of anyone again. The goal is to help you become clear on how to think, not what to think when it comes to your health and to shine a light on major illusions that might be dictating your mind and actions when it comes to healing, “needing” practitioners and how you approach healthcare. 

Available here

Or by visiting: https://drcassiehuckaby.uscreen.io


The Truth About Nutrition Masterclass (2 hours) 

This video is a recording of The Truth About Nutrition Masterclass which covers Truths to simplify and clarify everything you need to know about nutrition and diets and how it impacts your body. The information and actions steps can be implemented immediately. The intention is for you to understand the Truth about your body and how it engages with food so that you can quit fearing the foods you eat and stop the confusion of what to eat for good. 

Available here

Or by visiting: https://drcassiehuckaby.uscreen.io


The Truth About Light Masterclass (3 hours) 

This video is a recording of The Truth About Light Masterclass which covers Truths about the medicinal power of light and the impact that all kinds of light sources have on the body (sunlight, device light, indoor light, street lights, etc). The dangers of contact lenses, glasses, sunglasses and sunscreen as well as the impact of light through windows and other things that can modify the reception of light in your body is also covered with actionable steps you can incorporate immediately. The physiological and hormonal impacts of all types of light is discussed as well as how to utilize or modify it daily to support your body to facilitate healing in the most effective way. The intention is for you to understand the Truth about your body and how it engages with all forms of light so that you can see where your body is simply responding to the environment it is exposed to and not wrong because of how it seems to be responding “without a reason.”  

Available here

Or by visiting: https://drcassiehuckaby.uscreen.io


If you do not need a full appointment but have any questions regarding information in the video rentals or follow-up questions after watching the Masterclasses, you can schedule an Information Session to get your specific questions answered directly. 


Dr. Huckaby highly recommends starting with these classes even if you are considering the Last First Visit. If/when this changes everything, then you are done and can continue to implement all that you learned for the rest of your life. If you incorporate this and notice changes but not complete resolution of everything, then you can schedule whatever appointment you were drawn to (this will still have to be incorporated no matter what). This is an essential topic for all people and is covered in great detail here. Even those considering the Last First Visit will need to understand and incorporate what was discussed here. If that is done, you will build off of it and have more time to discuss everything else that is not diet related with the time you have together. If you don’t choose to use this, and do the Last First Visit, it will still be covered but will not be as lengthy of an explanation so that you can address everything else in that time.