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Your Gritty Guide to Cleaner, Healthier Products

Better Beauty

Looks Can Be Deceiving.

And We Like It That Way.

There is a huge misconception about what "clean" and "healthy" looks like. Dr. Huckaby has transformed her lifestyle so that it is squeaky clean and is here to help guide you on your way to do the same. 

We're here to show you that you don't have to throw away all the things that you enjoy or change your look drastically just to be clean and healthy. We work together to find a way to transform your lifestyle into medicine while maintaining functionality and practicality. 

Look however you want, change whenever want, but do it in the best way possible so that you don't have to heal from parts of your life that should only add. 

better beauty

Every Little Change Counts. 

Keep your look and hygiene habits. 

Upgrade your products. 


quality supplements

You don't Need Supplements to Heal

Most don't even contain what you think they do.

blue blocking glasses

Not all blue light blocking glasses actually work

If you work indoors or use a computer, protect yourself from blue light.


blue blocking

Modern Devices can be a

 Health Hazard

But not if you understand YOU and how to live with them.

We cover this here in the Truth About Light Masterclass.