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from The Gritty

    "She helped me be healed of skin cancer!"

    -Elbert W. 

    Dr. Huckaby is a next level doctor. Natural medicine, biohacking, mind/body healing. Absolutely mind blowing. She has found a way to take this natural world and turn it into medicine. You won't be the same person you were when you started.  

    - Jake L.

    "Dr Huckaby is amazing. She is the first doctor in my life who I feel has actually listened to my health concerns and addressed them in such a way that is empowering me to take control of my life. She has such a gift of discernment to know what will help me help myself for a better quality of life. She has an excellent way of explaining my lab work in terms that I can understand and allows me to be actively involved in knowing where all my levels need to be and what I need to do to get and keep them there. I can truly say it is the first time I have felt well cared for. If anyone needs hope in healing and restoration Dr Huckaby is definitely the one to see. I highly recommend her."

    - Jana W.

    "Dr. Cassie Huckaby is so much more than a doctor. Absolutely life changing information. My only regret is that I didn't make an appointment sooner."

    - Sam T.

    "Wow. I thought I signed up for just another appointment with another doctor that was just going to use natural substances instead of drugs. What I experienced was unlike anything I could've imagined. Dr. Huckaby is unlike any doctor I have ever met. My nausea and digestion improved after only one week following her treatment plan. What was more surprising is that my fear of living (I didn't realize I was so fearful) is less than I think I have ever experienced in my life. I am actually excited to keep going and keep getting healthier. She is an amazing doctor, so brilliant, so sweet and kind, and medicine you don't realize you need."

    - Anne G.

    "Dr. Cassie Huckaby is legitimately the Marie Kondo of lifestyle. One visit with her drastically remodeled my lifestyle to actually benefit me. I now understand why she says life can be medicine. I have read all the books and follow all the lifestyle and medicine gurus on social media but nothing has touched understanding the big picture, having it all simplified and getting medicine literally tailored to me. THANK you."

    - Casey C.

    "Dr. Huckaby LISTENS. She hears your concerns, questions and goals. Her heart is to heal and that is evident in the first few minutes with her. She is raw and genuine, definitely doesn’t sugar coat anything! I wasn’t fully ready for full life altering but she’s gradually helped me start making changes toward that goal. I will get there! She supports you and educates you in the best choices as you navigate a path to the most healthy and healed you, and even more importantly as a mama, my family."

    - Jacie S.

    "Dr. Cassie was able to deliver everything in a way that resonated so deeply that it made me listen, whereas in the past I have dismissed it. She is a really gifted healer, able to look beyond the presenting symptoms and remarkably skilled in addressing the emotional piece. She somehow found exactly the best thing I could be doing for my health. I realized how my body was trying to tell me in multiple ways that my lifestyle wasn't working for me. I can't thank Dr. Cassie enough for the quality of care. Her extensive knowledge and caring manner far exceeded my expectations. I have also referred a friend after sharing my positive experience." 

    - Anonymous