Your Hair is Growing

Use whatever you can to hack your mindset while you heal until knowing and gratitude become your new normal. Things are changing, you're just looking for neon signs instead of subtle shifts. When you're doing the work to truly heal instead of just masking symptoms you have to know that you're going to have to change the way you evaluate your daily battle of "is it working."

Here's how I used leg hair growth as evidence for a healing celebration.

Quick little hair disaster story:

I have always loved going to the salon and getting my hair done. There is no better hair day. During college, my typical request was highlights only. After returning from studying abroad in Spain one summer, however, I decided I wanted to go dark. Change things up. Feel different. I went to my hairstylist and she was on board. I noticed she was distracted, trying to juggle overlapping clients but I was totally okay with things taking a litter longer since the outcome was going to be a new me. - you know that feeling. Long story short, she was extremely distracted and somehow concocted a formula that literally fried my hair and turned it Cheetos orange (Mix of color and bleach? Who knows.). All of my hair except for an adorable little 2 inches from my scalp was stringy spaghetti. It was a complete disaster. After a hairstylist divorce, a new hairstylist adoption and few color corrections my badly damaged hair was at least a human color. My long locks, however didn’t survive. Sad, sad, sad short hair was my new do. During that time, I gave too much power to my appearance, so this disaster was crippling. I wore hats and beanies, cancelled on friends and did anything and everything I could to stay out of sight. I even tried to convince my friends that it was raining to avoid our morning runs.

Why am I telling this story? 

Because it taught me a huge lesson and I have literally used it to mind hack myself on my own long healing journey that’s not always linear as many of you have experienced.

What I learned (aside from find a bomb stylist and never leave them because it's worth every penny or strand of hair):

So, since I couldn’t quit life despite many attempts because of bad hair days of the worst kind, I had to find a way to persevere. It was just hair right? It grows back. Right? I was a pre-med student at the time and even the science confirmed this fact. Hair does in fact grow back - even if you fry it and turn it into stringy, thin, orange spaghetti. There was no way that my body was not re-growing my hair. My scalp didn’t just say, “You did this crazo, so you have to live with it. You only get 2 inches of hair for the rest of your life. We aren’t growing anymore. Sucks to suck.) No. The facts were that no matter what I did to destroy my hair, my brilliantly designed body was going to continue to grow hair on my head. Perfect hair. Healthy hair. So, giving up and shaving my head was not an option. I had a precious 2 inches of hair (4 inches in some spots!! ) to build on.  It was now my job to take care of what I had instead of continuing to damage it too, find a way to exist in the meantime since living in a cave wasn’t an option and trust that my hair was growing. 

Every morning I looked in the mirror and even though I hated the reflection, I reminded myself that my hair was growingit has to be. I can’t see it today, I don’t see any difference but it has to be growing. I would use the once cumbersome act of shaving my legs nightly to quietly reaffirm and celebrate hair growth. If it is growing here…it HAS to be on top too!!

Trust. Know. Get gritty.

This is where you apply this to your healing journey. Are you doing everything you can to heal? Are your results not here yet or as big as you want? Are you beginning to doubt that all the diet changing, the supplements, the mindset work, the life detoxing, the exercising, the work, all the daily work is not really working or worth it? 

You’re not seeing the growth, the change, the transformation.  

You’re doing everything right, now relax into knowing. The knowing and trusting is the hardest part but will give you freedom and will actually expedite your healing. 

You don’t pull on hair to make it grow. You baby it, you give it all it needs and take away anything that harms it. Your body does all the growing and rebuilding work - not the products.

You have to know that things are changing. Your body is miraculously and perfectly made. It regenerates and restores daily in every moment and when you do the work to provide it with what it needs and remove what is hindering its ability to be optimal, you’re expediting the transformation. 

Everyone is on a different timeline due to their state when they started, the amount of daily work they do and their mindset, so you can’t compare your journey to another. You’re not like anyone else. 

Know that your body is healing. If you did anything better today than you did yesterday your body has to be better. Seriously. One teaspoon of water more is a shift. 

So, if you’ve been doing it for a year now, then your body HAS to be healing at an even greater pace. If you’re working with someone or on your own to support your body naturally this is going to go even faster. I am proof. My patients are proof. There is no way that you can maintain a better lifestyle and not have healing (and an ironically fun little side effect will be better hair). You just may not see it yet. 

Things are changing. Shifts are happening, so hold. Continue to stand, continue to do the work, continue to look at yourself in the mirror and affirm that “I am healing – I have to be, there’s no way that I’m not. It’s science.” because it is.  Find the subtleties daily that can be glimmers of proof for your doubting mind. Celebrate whatever you can whenever you can.

Your body is working perfectly.

Your hair IS growing.

You ARE healing.

I promise.

Now, relax into knowing, and celebrate those lovely, magical leg hair messages.