Better Your Way to Healing

Can you do a little better today?

If your lifestyle and mindset can make you sick and miserable, then changing and optimizing your lifestyle and mindset can make you heal and thrive.

I have done exactly this with my life which is why it is my passion to show you how to create a life that heals.

I completely remodeled my lifestyle in a way that provides life and promotes healing and wellbeing and infuses me with a joy for living. I finally have a life that is more ME than I have ever been in my life. I learned, I experimented, I chose and I continue to choose daily.  I have seen this work for countless patients of mine too.

Don’t let one more day pass that isn’t infusing you with vibrant life. There is healing and life available in every moment if you know how to access it and how to make choices to promote it.

Every single day, do better than the day before. A glass of water better, a salad instead of pizza better, a walk instead of watching TV better.

Your body isn’t designed to deteriorate and break down. They have sold you that idea to sell you everything else that you NEED. Your perfect body is working tirelessly every single day to keep you as optimal as possible. You have no idea how much work it is doing. When you overload it, you start having symptoms and then if you continue it turns into a condition or a disease.

So every “better” matters. Your daily choices either push you closer to health or they push you closer to disease and dysfunction. Either way, you choose and you’re in complete control.

It is what you do daily over a sustained amount of time that results in your current health.  Take a moment to think about everything that got you here with no judgment. The formula that got you to this point can be used to get you out if you engineer it to do so.

No magic pills, no miracle creams, but a lot of grit and determination.

We get so wrapped up in the quick fixes, the cleanses, the detox programs, the 30-day diets, the supplement regimen and then we’re shocked when we don’t get the results we wanted or if we did, they don’t stick around for long. It’s not a single thing that is going to get you the results you want. It’s a thousand little decisions. 

You choose with your mindset. You choose with your lifestyle.

1 moment of gratitude better

1 piece of fruit better

1 organic purchase better

1 salad better

1 sweat session better

1 movement break better

1 positive mindset shift better

1 sunshine session better

1 meditation session better

1 clean product swap better

1 deep belly laugh better

1 unapologetic moment better

1 relaxing bath better

1 moment of letting go better

1 moment of forgiveness better

1 cold shower better

1 day of no sugar better

1 instant of saying “no” better

1 cup of water better (there’s a reason this is here twice J )

1 better in any way that feels good to you 

Whatever way you choose, just choose a little better today. Do it again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day.

Build. Build. Build.

Before you know it, you will have created a life that uplifts, replenishes and heals you.