Life Medicine

Studying medicine taught me a lot about physiology, about pathology, about biochemistry and pharmacology, about botanical medicine, homeopathy, diet, exercise and lifestyle.

Living my medicine and doing the deep personal work often required during the transformation of healing, however, showed me the powerful medicine in a conscious, intentional life. 

What if life and all your choices on who and what you allow into your life could be part of your medicine?

What if it is the most potent kind of medicine?

And what if you showing up fully as you and doing what brings you the most joy in the biggest way possible is medicine for others that can only be provided by you?

Making your life your medicine is not just with supplements, compounds, diets and biohacking. It’s a commitment in every moment to get and experience the most in life. A side effect is usually that by doing what brings you the most life, you end up adding life and light to those around you who are available enough to see and experience it.

On this day, my medicine was a friend who checked in just because. 

It was a date at a restaurant that serves amazing, clean vegan food with flavors I’ve never experienced in my own kitchen. 

It was noticing a man happily eating alone and blessing his meal before he took a bite. 

It was a beautiful woman with a bee in her hair that instead of automatically trying to swat and run, calmly stood, asked if we could watch her things and gently walked the bee riding on her long beautiful hair outside to freedom. 

It was a gratitude journal filled with words from strangers. 

It was my hairstylist knowing what made me feel beautiful, knowing my “good side,” paying attention to the details of my preferences for a book over a magazine while I waited and engaging in cosmic, meaningful conversation. 

It was in the act of a photo taken by someone who heard and felt my discomfort with being in front of a camera and took the time to share her story, ease my feelings of awkwardness and insecurity, and lift my chin to assure me that she’d only capture the best angle. 

It was hills filled with flowers and my favorite Spotify channel on the way back home. 

It was mail from my parents waiting in my mailbox. 

It was a sunset on my back porch, the smell of rain and unconditional giddy love from my human and two fuzzy creatures.  

Life is a beautiful fountain of the most life-giving medicine. We need every practitioner, every service, every voice, every beautiful soul fully expressed to heal pieces only reached by each unique voice and act. 

There’s beautiful medicine all around, you just have to give yourself permission to drop in, notice it and receive it.  In return do the world a favor and show up as your biggest version so that your unique medicine can be shared with those who need it most. You never know what pieces of you will be healed by pieces and gifts from others and you’ll never know who received some healing from you and that’s the magic of it all.

When you work to make your life your medicine, you’re working to create a life that breathes vitality and aliveness into every experience. Your life should energize every cell in your body and be so fully you that you’re healed little by little in every moment and every day with a ripple effect that is felt by the world.