The Magic Pill

The magic pill does exist.

How much of what you believe is sold to you? Sold to you so that you’ll NEED something that CAN actually be SOLD?!?

If anyone or any industry has to create fear in you or has to sell you lack of any kind first in order to sell you what they’re hoping you’ll buy, take a pause before you download their message or buy their service or product. Break down the psychology behind it to empower you and then decide if you need it.

The fact is, that there is nothing lacking in you. There is nothing man-made that you truly need. All that you truly need is remarkably simple and provided by nature. You have the technology innately built into you that is essential for EVERYTHING to work. There are natural laws at play that you need to follow but everything you need to benefit from those laws is already built in to your physiology. There is no part or software that you're lacking. You have it all. 

It is like having the most amazing state-of-the-art computer that is unlimited in what it can do but you only knowing how to use the internet browser and microsoft word and being sold program after program solely because you didn't realize what you already had. It's all there, you just have to know that it is and then know how to use it.

Every pill, every drug, every supplement, every device, every program has to have YOU in order to work.

This means that YOU are what is doing the work.

You are the magic pill.

This is not to say that some things may not be beneficial or expedite your healing or benefit your life in some way but everything is worthless without you. If you are as “dysfunctional” as they’re trying to sell you, what external magic will make all of these miracle products work? Did you have to download some functionality so that the pill could work? No.

I’ll say it again, the magic pill is YOU. 

If you’ve ever taken a pill and it had an effect even temporarily, that is evidence of your potential.

It has been documented many times in many studies that it is more than likely that the placebo effect accounts for at least half of majority of drug’s efficacy and more than half if not all for many drugs especially if the doctor is only prescribing for the potential placebo effect itself. 

The placebo effect is the belief that something will have a certain effect in your body and your belief alone impacting your physiology to tangibly produce that result.

If we pay attention to this, we would realize that the non-toxic part of what they are selling us is often our innate ability to manipulate our own physiology.  You're buying something that you have, your potential that you've just been trained and conditioned to believe is something outside of you.

If you understand the magnitude of this, it will drastically change the way you consume and the way you live and heal.

My goal is to sell you the hardest thing in the world to sell, your belief in yourself, the medicine within you and your full potential. That is what is woven within my approach to medicine. As you heal, you believe more and more in what is already yours. There is no truth greater than this.

Disclaimer: this is not medical advice, just information. It is not a recommendation to abruptly discontinue taking your prescription or natural drugs/supplements. It is food for thought. 

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