“All science has one aim, namely, to find a theory of nature.”⁣ - Ralph Waldo Emerson

⁣Nature does not need our theories, but we need its truths.⁣

There is more to Life. There’s more than forcing. There’s more than “controlling” every aspect of your world to try to convince your body to feel a certain goodness. There’s more to being healthy than just following manmade guidelines. ⁣

There is an ease. There is a flow. There is a perfection. You can unclench your fists, settle into your feet held by the ground beneath you and breathe in deeply the air that through your breath alone tangibly connects you with the infinite. ⁣

There is an ease to Nature. A balance. An effortless magnificence. An unspeakable brilliance and a science and medicine that is beyond anything we can grasp with our intellect. It corrects without forcing. It allows every phase and every season and makes them all beautiful. It welcomes them all. There is connection woven into all life, all ecosystems, all organisms. All things have a purpose. There is no arrogance.⁣

There is a string of light that if you are still or present enough you can catch its shimmer weaving in and out of your world, your soul, your own body and all of existence. Look for it. ⁣

Nature does not need our theories but we, now more than ever, need its truths. ⁣

Connect as deeply and diversely as you can, in all the ways you can and as often as you can. Love and touch and breathe and feel. ⁣

Connection and closeness to people, to earth and to the biodiversity of this planet is the key.